Aggancio Research provides the client with a short list of highly qualified candidates who have been thoroughly screened, approached and evaluated. Compared with traditional search processes, Aggancio focuses on offering a competitive time- and cost effective solution when it comes to finding and attracting top talent on all levels.

Aggancio Research begins each search with a comprehensive analysis of the market, enabling us to penetrate a wide variety of industries and functional areas. Our consultants conduct extensive research and due diligence in order to identify the passive candidates (not actively looking to make a move) employed in specified target companies and industries. Once a comprehensive target list of companies and candidates has been developed, our researchers use traditional search methods to screen and interview prospective candidates by phone.

Aggancio Research’s services enables our clients to meet with shortlisted candidates faster than what is offered by any other headhunting provider. Our current average time from start-up to shortlist is 18,7 days.

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The War For Talent
"After competing in the war for talent, to serve our customer and finding the best leaders of tomorrow for several years, we have developed our skill to find the right talents. After identifying, qualifying and being in contact with a huge amount of candidates during the past years, we have learned how to identify the right talent for our clients. With focus on delivering the best candidates for our clients, we are committed to use our market knowledge and competence to continue doing our best for our clients to win their war for talent."

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